Wing Chun

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong) It is a one of the important tool in wing chun system, Wooden dummy training forms an genuine part of the Wing Chun kung fu system. Muk Yan Chong is a Chinese name means “a stake used as a dummy”.

The Wing Chun dummy and its form are specifically designed to practice and get better fighting skills, Have 108 motions of the Wing Chun wooden dummy (Mok Yan Jong) has always been valuable tool for any serious Wing Chun student. To help you learn how to use the wooden dummy. Dummy training teaches a great deal about short-range power, or the training delved into for generating a lot of power in very close range to the opponent.

# Weapons Forms

In the Wing Chun System have consideration of two weapons form first is the long pole and second is the butterfly knives.
Luk Dim Boon Quan : “Luk Dim Boon Quan”, literally translates as six and a half point long pole. The Wing Chun pole form is believed to have been introduced around the time of the Red Junk opera troop. It is a short form and introduces the basic parries and attacks, there are only six and a half techniques.

Sifu Dr Sonu Kumar Giri

Bart Cham Dao : (Eight broad sword cutting techniques) clearly dates to a time when kung fu skills were a matter of life and death. Despite popular belief, open hand fighting would be practically useless against a skilled, armed warrior. The Bart Cha Dao is also known as the butterfly knives form because of the appearance of the blades when crossed. The form is in eight sections demonstrating the various defensive and attacking man oeuvres. The knives are used as an extension of the hand shapes and many of the common techniques can be performed with knives. The blades are one sided to allow them to be rotated back along the fore arm for close range operation. The thumb or tine on the guard can be used to trap a weapon but is also used to rotate the blade so this must be smooth, rounded and accessible to the thumb of the holding hand.