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Wing Chun History

Many years ago in china there was a temple named shaolin. The Monks of this temple decided to develop the principles of the new art and wanted to implement those principles in the practice of the Temple. But before the the principles of this new art could be put into practice the Temple was raided by the emperor of china and killed many monks of the Temple. But among all the monks have being killed, the one who succeeded to escape was the nun named NG Mui, she was the eldest and most talented in boxing skills. With the help of some documentation written by the Monks who had killed by the Emperor, and her own obtained knowledge, she (NG MUI) trained a young girl named Yim Wing Chun. The system was later named after her and she is said to have used it to successfully repel an unwanted suitor. Yim Wing Chun was married with Leung Bok Cho and shared her knowledge of wing chun kung fu. After some years the style became known as Wing Chun, Leung Bok Cho teach his nephew Wong Wah Bo, but as per Ip man history book or record first Leung Bok Cho was teach to Leung Lan Kwai and he was taught to Wong wah bo who worked with an opera troupe also known as The Red Junk..

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Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tai both are close friends, both are started sharing their kung fu knowledge and they practiced together to improve their Kung fu skills. On that time pole technique was introduced in wing chun system. Leung Yee Tai then passed his wing chun kung fu on to Leung Jan, he was born in China approx 1816-1826, leung Jan was a good Chinese herbalist, he was one of the closest student of Master Leung Yee Tai, started wing chun practice in 1840s, After some year he was also wing chun practice with wang wah bo. Leung Jan was started teaching to his student Cha Wah Shun and His Son Leung Bik, after some year they passed his wing chun skilled to Ip Man.

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It is also amazing to comprehend the fact that Yip Man’s age, he had such incredible ability. Yip Man was in his late seventies when he died in 1972, and was still at his peak. Wing Chun, like any true art from, is a skill that increases with age.

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