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Sticking hands is a fundamentals and unique part of the wing chun system as noted previously, there are three stage in fighting, covering the gap, striking, sticking hand. Chi sau, allow you to intercept the opponent’s arms trap his hands and hit emergently. Chi sau is based on the general wing chun principle, which in direct translation stage “opponent attacks, absorb and neutralize blow. All the chi sau movements are done on the centerline, and involve mainly wrist and elbow action.

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Chi Sau (Sticking hands) is a really useful fighting skill, because it enables you to automatically continue regardless of whether your strikes are block. This relies on fluid, continuous forward force and the correct application of hand trapping movements, Sticking is not something that can be learnt overnight. It requires at least several years of training before the movement become natural reactions. Sticking hands must be learnt under a qualified master who can train a student to develop the correct way of applying force.

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