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Center Line Theory

A key element of Wing Chun System is Center Line Theory. Picture a line which passes through the center of your body vertically as shown in the figure below:

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In this Center Line you will find weak points like Eyes, Nose, Jaw, throat, Solar plexus, Abdomen, groin, knees, Shins are the efficacious areas to ban the opponents. Likewise we must guard our center line all the time. Wing Chun's fundamental stance allows the body to be well protected. In this structure Hands guards upper body (from waist) and leg guards lower body (from waist) allows greater safeguard to us with minimal necessary movements. The significance here is any defending stance leaves you defenseless or prolonged actions for defense is fatal also centerline theory signifies shortest Distance to Bonk the opponents. Apparently in combat scenarios acceleration is valuable, so the straight path to bank the opponent is efficacious and is prudent. As we know center-line attack is targeted at the center points of the opponent's body structure, but it also originates from the center of your own body. By this resulting in both striking the opponent as well as protecting yourself at the same time. If you hit through centerline it is quite tough to strike you center line through your attack, the opponent must divert round the centerline, thus wasting time, and leaving himself open unprotected. Center-line attack comes unexpectedly that there is no contacting or withdraw of attack. The attack is so straightly targeted that opponent has slim chance of seeing it coming. In a matter of fact, a trained Wing Chun attack is quite hard to block/bar esp. To those who does not have any idea of this style. The strike comes unexpectedly with such a directness and stimulation while delivering so that opponent with fast reaction time can be able to bar/block it. Along with this prudent in actions/movements and protecting yourself, centerline theory helps in increase in power/force because your full body mass and stability is behind all hits. Center-line attack associates with facing the opponent square-on, irrespective of what opponent stance is. Allows us to engage both hands, legs simultaneously for attacking / diversion. As compare to Side-On in that single arm/leg use in junction. Also square-on allowing full body mass to exert force. Some people presume that front-on stance is weaker than side-on stance. A side-on stance not surely protect our private parts or face or possibly caught unaware of laying open your back, neck, you kidneys.

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