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"We believe that physical, mental, and spiritual flexibility are life-enhancing, and when it comes to wing chun practice, we get wonderful realization."

"Maharashtra has the proud privilege of announcing the formation of the first ever authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, a Southern Shaolin Martial Art System “Sports Wing Chun Academy” which lays claim on spreading the art and sport of Wing Chun Kung Fu throughout India as well as Olympic as a sports. The aim of the school is to offer blanket shelter to Wing Chun practitioners and to develop interaction between instructors and student for genuine knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu.The Sports Wing Chun Academy is part of ISKFF and working under the guidance of International Sports Wing Chun and International Sports Kung Fu Federation. The Sports Wing Chun Academy is already affiliated with or part of the many valuable Organization like:-
International Sports Kung Fu Federation.
• Kung Fu Federation of India.
• Association of Maharashtra Kung Fu.
• Sports Kung Fu Association of Mumbai.
• Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy.
• Also Many Others Authentic Organization.
Which gives authority to higher grading offer instructor license and recommend members for advance training abroad. This academy managed by Mr. Vikas Chandane, Mr. Suresh Jaiswar, and Others under Guidance of Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri is a World Head (Director - Wing Chun Committee-ISKFF). "

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Meet Our Wing Chun Coaches

President / Head Coach

Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar

Coach / Instructor

Shri Tulshi Ravidas

Coach / Instructor

Shri Suresh Jaiswar

Coach / Instructor

Shri Vikas Chandane

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