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Artical on Wing Chun Kung Fu:
Wing Chun is short range southern style fighting system.  This is one of the most popular kung Fu style being practiced in the world. The name Wing Chun comes from the young girl who learn it from one of the Buddhist nun name as Ng Mui. If the legend is true, Wing Chun does not replica watches uk use brute force in execution of its technique. Though there exist some lineage at present which use lot of power in execution of its technique. But traditionally this is a soft style. Wing Chun put more emphasis in center line attack and defense. Its punches and kicks travel very short range and uses direct forward force make it great close range system of self-defense. It has the smallest syllabus in the world of martial arts exist today and more scientific with 4 unarmed form and two armed form. Most of the martial arts are either hard or soft but this is a combination of hard and soft both.   
The Uniqueness or Trade mark of Wing Chun is Chi Sau.
Chi sau is term used for the Drill practice and for the development of automatic reflexes upon contact with opponent. This is also called as sticking hand or Sensitivity training. This is practiced by two student at a time making contact with each other forearms. This training trains each swiss replica watches other’s sense or reflexes in body mechanism, pressure, momentum and feeling. Since this training trains both the student equally so there is win- loss concept. There is always Win –Win uk replica watches approach. The aim of chi sau is not to hart each other but to feel each other. Chi sau is not a sparring concept but the technique used in Chi Sau can be used in sparring.
There are two types of Chi sau.

1:-  One hand Chi Sau. 2:- Two (Both) hand chi sau.


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Mr. Suresh Jaiswar (Wing Chun Practitioner), Mumbai